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List of Things you didn’t know in Subnautica

  • Lasercutter, when equipped emits light in a 5 meter radius from the player (perfect in wrecks, also no energy needed)

  • Many wrecks include sections that are only accessible with the Laser Cutter, Repulsion Cannon or Propulsion Cannon

  • fish at a geyser that die of the eruptions will turn into their respective cooked forms

  • you can stop the radiation from the aurora by fixing the radiation leaks inside with a welder

  • You can press “f” to holster your held item. You swim faster, if you hold nothing in your hand. You also swim faster at the water surface

  • Cooked food and cut plants spoil, cured and uncooked fish do not

  • The Purple Brain Coral (the purple O2 making thing) can be harvested by using the knife. It is also plantable. It can also be picked up & transported using a propulsion cannon. It will still produce oxygen.

  • you can tame a Stalker (for a while) by feeding him any kind of catchable fish, or by giving him metal salvage. After that he will start looking for metal salvage, pick it up, and drop it at the player’s position as a gift

  • you can pick up the yet-to-explode gas pods dropped by Gasopods in their defense. Currently, it can be used to craft the Seamoth Gas Torpedo

  • you can change the color of the text on wall lockers. Click on the lower white circle to cycle through text colors

  • If you overeat (eat too many items at once) you will take damage

  • You can put windows in the top of your corridors

  • sit on the bench while reading stuff in your PDA or just take a break. Your food/water meters won’t decline.

  • Game has no falling damage. You can happily jump of the mountains on the floating island

  • The seaglide is partially powered by the Swim charge fins, decreasing the loss of energy. Also, when you’re swimming up using “space” or down using “c” it recharges the battery of the Seaglide

  • The closer you are to dehydration or starvation – the more slowly your character moves

  • Bioreactors composts organic matter into Energy. A plant sample for example gives 15 Energy. Marblemelon 110, Reginald 220, Sandshark 800.

  • Reginald is not only the best passive fish for energy, also cooked and cured Reginald have the highest food value of any fauna, making them an excellent choice for your alien containment

  • You can increase your movement speed in the Seamoth by traveling diagonally (pressing W+A or W+D)

  • deconstructing lockers while items are still inside will eliminate items, you can use this to delete unwanted items

Feel free to add things that are not well known.

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