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How To Get The Money Trough – Terraria

Terraria Money Trough

I’m gonna show you how to get the Money Trough, which is a flying pig that would fly around and follow you but has the ability of a safe. Until a patch that made it so it wouldn’t follow you which I think is dumb. But anyways, on to showing you how to get it!


On a Normal world it has a 45% chance of dropping (I really forget what specific enemy it drops from) and on a expert mode world a 12% of dropping.

When to Get

To get this item it has to be on a Blood Moon. (A Blood Moon is a full moon in the sky that looks redder than normal).

What Features does it have?

The Money Trough is a flying piggy bank that has the same storage as a chest, piggy bank, safe, etc. but this one USED to follow you, until a patch in an update that made it just sit still flying in the sky. Anyways.

Thanks for reading and hope this guide helped you!

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