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New Terraria Server Opened! Players Needed – Terraria

Terraia Server

A brand new Terraria server for is now open!

It is a survival server.

Before you join though, there are some rules:

  1. Before starting on the server you must create a new character. UNLESS your not annoying.
  2. Don’t disrespect Melons [Admins have Melons instead of Admin as their Prefix].
  3. Don’t ask for a staff rank.
  4. You may ask staff for help whenever you need it.
  5. Swearing is aloud but don’t over do it.
  6. Don’t flood the chat [Example – Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn].
  7. You may ask the Staff for items IF you have been to Hell, Made a House, and killed the Wall’o Flesh on you’re own or by yourself.
  8. Since I have Christmas and Halloween enabled at all times, it is easier for you to get items [wasn’t really a rule].
  9. Be respectful to other players, I don’t mean kiss their ♥♥♥, I mean just be nice in general.
  10. 10. No Griefing

You can also contact the Owner on Skype or on Steam for further Questions:

Steam: Dirty

Skype: bossguyamn1 [The one that says George]

The way to join the server is simple:

  1. Open up Terraria
  2. Click Multiplayer
  3. Join via IP
  4. Create your new character if have not already done so.
  5. Type in the IP. [ ]
  6. Port: 7777
  7. Password is apples


Want to donate to keep up the server? Message Dirty about donating! Donating will keep the server going and will also give you quicker access to ranks on the server like – VIP, New Admin, and Admin. It will also give you permission to ask for ANY Item in-game.


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