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Are Star Cannons worth it? – Terraria

Terraria Star Cannon

They have the highest damage pre-hardmode. (Not even just all ranged weapons pre-hardmode, every weapon pre-hardmode) yet they are still ranged, so they can snipe enemies from far away, fire very fast, and the ammo can be obtained for free, while afk. (Using a skybridge with a passive hoik.) [Passive because fallen stars can automatically insert themselves into a hoik, so you can stand on one side and the stars will all come to you.]

The only problems, however, are that:

  1. You only get ~40.5 – 81 (depending on world size) ammo per night… (so if a day and night is 24 mins, you’d need to leave it on for [depending on world size, bigger is better] approximately 9 hours and 52 minutes to 4 hours and 56 minutes to collect a full stack of 999. [Note: Fallen stars don’t stack to 999, (they stack to 100 (mobile) or 99 (PC)) I calculated them to 999 because that is how many bullets and arrows can be stacked in one slot.]
  2. To passively collect stars, you need to build a skybridge that is two blocks thick, and then hammer the top layer into a floor height bottom hoik. (Seen here, at 11:11 in the video):

On mobile, this takes forever to do. It’s not as bad on PC, because if you want to you can use TEdit, or an ahk script to hammer them for you.

So the point is, if you set all of this up and collect fallen stars, is it worth it? Or can you get a strong ranged or melee (or anything really) weapon that is superior to the star cannon easily and quickly in hardmode?


The star cannon has the highest base damage for pre-hardmode, can shoot very fast, and is a ranged weapon with free, afk ammo (it only costs time [which may or may not be more efficient farming money and buying ammo… idk…]). So is it worth putting the effort into a skybridge with a hoik to collect fallen stars for ammo (at 40.5-80 per night) or can you get a superior weapon easily in early hardmode?

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