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Terraria Tips And Tricks – Updated For 1.3

Terraria Tips and Tricks

Gives tips and tricks to help your terraria gameplay experience.



Thanks for looking at this guide.

This guide includes tips and tricks on how to have a better Terraria experience.

Tips And Tricks

Tip 1:

Once you have built a house to house you and your NPC’s.

Make trenches on each side of your house to stop zombies and other monsters attacking your house, remember, Home is where the heart is.

Tip 2:

Make a Infinite NPC House so that you don’t have to waste your time building for every single NPC.

(Warning: The ‘house’ may get over crowded if you leave the NPC’s in there forever).

Just by using basic resources you should be able to get a safe house suspended in the air for your lovely citizens.

Tip 3:

This covers several tips in 1.

Always store your coins at your house so that you don’t lose them.

Always bring platforms Always.

Place a torch 2 blocks underground so it looks nice yet it won’t interfere with your building and provides a good light source.

Tip 4:

So some people may not know this but that grappling hook can get you around fast too. Now most people have all the accessories and what not but for those who like making new characters or so, can use the grappling hook for more than just clinging to walls.

For this it’s best to jump first (This also only really works on flat land).

If you shoot the grappling hook or the other variants, in front of you aimed at the ground and then jump, you will somewhat fling a small distance. Keep repeating this and you will start moving across the map much faster. If you practice this and get the timing down, you can move much faster across the map and it can be useful against enemies and mobs.

Tip 5:

Get every NPC, They are help once you progress more and more through the game. Always aim for NPC’s and Resources at the beginning of a world! Bosses can come later.


Terraria Bosses

Remember for bosses that come to you or can be summoned always build one of these platforms.

Always use health pots or bring them as they will help

Adding more levels/longer width = More mobility And Easier Fights

Adding Heart Statues And Campfires Always Helps

Just remember to always get the hearts bosses drop.


Skeletron Head

He can be a tough enemy. Attack the hands! Those can easily make there way to you and kill you quickly. The hands are the most dangerous part of Skeletron, get those and you deal with his slow flying skull.

Eye Of Cthulu:

He isn’t as hard as Skeletron. I found an easy way to beat him. He doesn’t do much damage but it will help if you’ve got some platinum armor or so. If you’ve managed to get a very good blade or so, try jumping around and hitting him.

Eater Of Worlds:

Just remember to never make more than 2 Eater Of Worlds, they will destroy you early game.
Build the platform in the Corruption This is key, If you destroy his body segments they will mostly drop hearts, Using a ranged weapon is preferable such as the shurukens bought from the Merchant.

Wall Of Flesh:

I would suggest fighting the WoF with Molten armor, a powerful ranged weapon, and a long bridge down in the Underworld. The boss can take you all the way to the other side of the map so you want a bridge across all the lava. Also, go on the near end of a platform then drop the doll from there. You want to be close to one side but not to close as he can spawn where you are then you will have less bridge to run across.

Brain Of Cthulu:

Build the platform in the Crimson. This is key. Using a ranged weapon is preferable such as the shurukens bought from the Merchant. Or using magic with a few mana potions will help a great deal.

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