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Tips for an “enjoyable” Defection Mission – Warframe

Warframe Defection Mission

Here are some tips to make Defection missions better for your team. Since Harrow.

  • Blue Power Cells give 20% and White Power Cells give 100%. Don’t accidentally put a white one in when you only needed a blue one.
  • Picking up Power Cells from tiles between points while escorting to the med tower and stockpiling them for a rainy day.
  • Limbo can’t Banish defectors anymore. ;(
  • Picking up power cells from the surrounding area and dropping them in a pile near a tower. Remember to split the whites and the blues. While waiting for the next wave.
  • You can’t pick up and carry a power cell as an operator and put it inside you anymore. RIP carrying two Power Cells.
  • Nezha with the Safeguard augment can shield defectors from damage, making him a prime choice if you have the augment.
  • Ivara can make the defectors invisible, but they also have no marker while invisible.
  • If you decide to use a Spectre, try Nidus or Inaros as a base and use Ignis Wraith as a main weapon. Note that Nidus won’t ever use abilities and weapons don’t get mods.
  • Trinity can heal the defectors with Bless. Saving on tower energy.
  • Consider the fact, you won’t just be fighting Infested, you will be occasionally fighting Manics and Red Veil units. Bring weapons accordingly.
  • Caracol on Saturn is the ideal Defection mission. Memphis has a lower drop rate on the Harrow part at 7.52% while Caracol and Yursa have 11.28%. Yursa being harder and having the same rate is not ideal for Harrow part farming.
  • Frost’s Snowglobes are annoying, but even worse it’s less effective since Infested are mostly Melee. Consider Vauban instead.
  • Air Support turrets can and should be placed in certain points where nothing melee can hit them. Note that Air Support turrets are a flat level 30 and become redundant should you go for a third rotation C. Till then it’s covering fire and a minor DPS increase.
  • Ember is a good escort and stockpiler.
  • Consider leaving at the second rotation C, it only gets harder and the rewards don’t get better.
  • Saryn is an alright pick if you know how to commit biological warfare on a genocidal level. Preferred spot is A. Lets her cover more range.

I’ll think of more tips and add them while I’m farming for Harrow.

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