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Benefits of having brahmin in your settlement?

Fallout 4 Brahmin

Hi, I just noticed a brahmin has decided to move into one of my settlements so I built it a feeding trough etc. I don’t really know what they actually do for your settlement though. Can anyone fill me in?

Benefits of Brahmin

You DO need local leader 1 to establish supply lines, it says it in the description of the perk. You DO NOT need the perk to move people between settlements.

You DO NOT need a brahmin to establish a supply line, the ones with saddle bags just spawn when you assign someone to a trade route.

Having a brahmin at your settlement generates fertilizer in the junk section of the work shop. To my knowledge brahmin simply appear once you have people, food, and water, though it does not seem like you need more than 5ish people for one to show up, if that.

Killing them really pisses everyone off, but you can get away with it if no one sees you, or at least I’m assuming, I blasted a person in the face when he was all alone and no one said sh*t.

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