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Brahmin won’t come to my settlements?

Fallout 4 Brahmin

So I am aware that I need a feed trough and have provided one in each settlement. Not a single Brahmin has appeared in any of them. I think I’ve got about 20 settlements by now. My mod list is primarily armor, hair, but I do have Sim Settlements and Scrap this Settlement. I’ve modded any game I could since Sims 1 and (this is on my Xbox game, pc game is fine and it has tons more mods) I don’t have anything that should interfere with scripting of AI. It’s a very basic mod loadout. I don’t get it. There were times in past games where not every settlement would get one, but this time around, I got nothing. Any advice at all? Placement of trough? The number of days to wait? Any idea at all is worthy of consideration.


Fallout 4 Brahmin

Can’t say if it’s related to mods or not, but I have run into similar problems in vanilla. I could be wrong, but this is how I gather it works.

You have your radio station calling settlers, and it has a chance every x number of in game days to bring a settler in (I think this is modified by your other settlement stats like food, beds, happiness, etc, but I honestly don’t know). If you have a Brahmin feeder out and it is not blocked by a fence or anything, then when the radio station has rolled successfully to bring in a settler, it has a chance to be a Brahmin instead of a settler.

If the Brahmin cannot path to the Brahmin feeder or if there isn’t enough room near it for it to stand, it will fail and you won’t get a Brahmin – at least, that has been my experience.

In order to get Brahmin, I’ve always made a few feeders off by themselves with nothing within like a 2 squared “floor tile” of the feeder, and waited for them to show up before I would put a fence up. Doing that I’ve always been able to get Brahmin, but it can take a bit as I think you are more likely to get a settler than a Brahmin.

Again, I’m speculating on how things work behind the scenes based on how things have worked in vanilla FO4 when I’m building settlements that will contain Brahmin, so I could be making inaccurate assumptions, but I can say that having it there without it being blocked always leads to a Brahmin soon after (usually within a couple in game days/weeks).

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