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Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland

Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland

Hello everyone and welcome to the February 2019 update for Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland. Here we are, back again. Since the announcement that we are returning to active development of the mod the support from the community has been insane, I would personally like to thank everyone for your kind words and your emails.

We also recently opened our application process to Voice actors and other audio related work, the interest has been overwhelming and I personally apologise that I did not manage respond to everyone’s emails. Still please don’t let this discourage anyone from applying to work with us on the project. More about the application process below. Currently we are recruiting anyone with experience in the creation engine and Creation Kit, mostly in the fields of Level Design, Scripting, Implementation, 3D art, and 2D art. we are also looking for anyone with good quality VA equipment and experience in the field. If you fit any of these descriptions please do not hesitate to apply using our website.

Let’s start with Level Design, Firstly id like to welcome all our new Level designers and commend them on their work in the past month. Work has mainly been focused on the main world space with the areas around Arefu, Tenpenny Tower, Rob Co Factory, Raven Rock, Fair-fax Ruins and the Red Racer factory. Ol Olney is in the planning phase with much more to come Interior level designers have been working tirelessly to prepare areas for the scripting and implementation teams to come through and hook up the quests and other scripted sequences.

The Teams new 3D artists are creating a wide range of assets for various departments including architecture, containers and other set dressings and props. Honestly, I am so hyped to have people working on assets once again. It is something we have always had a shortage of. Recently we have been joined by Charlie, the 2D art lead of F4NV. Coincidentally he is now leading a combined effort to merge the two projects art teams and provide the best quality work available.

This last month has been a big one for the Implementation side of the project, the Raider armour set is near completion, same with the metal armour and the original style vault suit. And I remember showing something a while back about a very ugly 6 legged flesh pile of a monster, well that’s in game and is utterly terrifying.

On the scripting side of things our Co Lead, HcGxGrill has been busy getting many things implemented such as Main Quests, NPCs and game mechanics. Including some new ones which plan to bring the Weapon and Armour modification system that comes with Fallout 4 into The Capital Wasteland but with a twist! We discussed a possibility of allowing you to learn how to make Weapon or Armour mods by scrapping them. Inspired by the way it is handled in Fallout 76. This is currently in the basic implementation stage and nothing is set in stone. We love to hear your feedback and will be collecting opinions on this idea using a Strawpoll Show your opinion.

That’s all for this months official project update.


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