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Coming Out on Top – CG Guide for All Pictures

Coming Out on Top Guide

This is not a date guide. Most of the information will simply require you to go through with the various date and select the correct options.


Coming Out on Top

  1. Jack off with Ian’s lube, don’t return it.
  2. Run on treadmill at the gym.
  3. Jack off in shower after beta-testing brofinder app. Happens automatically if you agreed to test it.
  4. Test app and end game on good terms with Penny.
  5. Don’t go on any dates. Spend entire game studying. Go along with Slurpy’s plan to murder your friends.
  6. Do the same. When Slurpy tries to get you to murder your friends question him then kill him. If you swallow him you failed.
  7. Complete the game without dying.


(outside the ones you automatically unlock for doing his route)

Play fair and play dirty during your competition scene after wrestling the ex and flower deliverer each give a different CG.

This is where things get tricky. Save as you’re about to write your poem. Get help from the ruler thing. Each color gets you a different ending and different CGs to go with it. Pick a color and stick with it. Then complete the route as normal. Each poem results in different pictures. You’ll get good use out of the skip feature here.


Half of his CG’s are just unlocked through the route.

CG’s 3, 4, and 5 are unlocked by kissing him in the office and choosing a different sex position.

CG 8 is unlocked by stopping the kiss in the office.


There are a couple different routes to take here. Save when he asks you to cheat for him.

Asking to lick his starfish gets you CG 9.

Cheating for him gets you CG’s 1 and 5.

CG 2 is unlocked by looking at his picture on his computer.

CG 8 is unlocked by telling Ian you’re jacking off and pooping.

CG’s 6 and 7 are unlocked by choosing to have fun with him after you finish his paper.

CG’s 11, 12, and 13 are unlocked by choosing to fall asleep while cuddling with him.


CG 4 is unlocked by choosing to have sex with him when he comes into your room drunk.

CGs 6, 7, 8, and 9 are all unlocked by just choosing different positions during the ending. You can choose all 4.

CG 10 is best unlocked by not dating anyone. You need to save up to 800 dollars and not have a rocky relationship with Ian.

A brofinder date with Theo works wonders on this route because you get a good amount of money.


Half the CG’s are locked behind being the bottom. Half are locked behind being the top. You’re just going to half to go

through his route twice. There really isn’t a secret trick to it.


Save when you get to the car after leaving the sports bar.

CG 2 is unlocked by offering him a BJ after you leave the sports bar. CG 3 is unlocked in the same way but say that you’re hungry for his you know what.

CG 5 is unlocked by topping him.

CG 6 and 7 are unlocked by letting him top you.

If there’s anything I missed or you need more information feel free to comment below.

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