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My Frustration with Fiddlehead Ferns…

Stardew Valley Fiddlehead Fern

Wow… So I’ve been trying to play this game without looking up any information online. For the most part I’ve been successful. But I’m in my fourth year, and I still have yet to see a fiddlehead fern. I broke down and decided to look it up on the stardew valley Wiki. It’s literally the last product I need to get the achievement for shipping everything. I expected it to be some rare plant in an area I haven’t even been in yet. Seriously?! It’s forage?! Apparently, somehow, in three years of gameplay, I haven’t been in the secret Woods during the summer…

  • I had the exact same frustration in my game for the first two years but found that they can be found in the Secret Forest during Summer! They are also occasionally sold by the Travelling Merchant – which is where I ended up getting mine to complete a bundle, as I couldn’t wait for Summer to come around again haha.

I tried that but he hasn’t had it… I’ll have the Community Center complete in fall. I bought all of my saplings in Spring of year three, but ran out of money before I got to the apple trees. I didn’t realize it, so once fall came around I was really confused as to why none of my trees were producing apples lol.

  • Oh nooo that’s so annoying haha. Luckily I chose the fruit bats for the cave on my farm so they were super useful for gathering the fruit to help me with my bundles. I completed the community centre roughly Fall of year 2, I believe!

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