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How To Find The Moonpool Blueprints And Build It – Subnautica

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In This Guide, I Will Show You How To Get The Moonpool, And Build It. Easy Way!

The Moonpool

How to get the Moonpool fragments!

Hello people! in this guide, ill show you an easy way to find the Moonpool fragments (blueprints).

First, some information about the Moonpool.

The moonpool is a seabase module, that can be created using the habitat builder. you can dock there your Seamoth or P.R.A.W.N suit.

The vehicle’s Power Cells will be recharged at a much faster rate than if one were to use a Power Cell Charger.

The Moonpool:

The Fragments

Now, how to find the fragments?

You need a seamoth. then go to aurora ship. explore it and go to “Seamoth Bay”. You will found there an upgrade to the seamoth. its called “Pressure Compensator MK1”. take it in go to your seamoth. put it in the upgrades panel. then your seamoth can reach 300m (before, it was 200)

Now go to Jelly Shroom Caves (purple mushrooms), find the entry to there and just search all over the cave until you find an abandoned seabase. its looks like this:

Now, when you found the abandoned see base, go around it and search for white boxes, looks like that:

You will found 2 fragments. lets continue to the last part.

Note: when you searching around the seabase, make sure that this is the same one like the one on the picture. its 2 white boxes at distance of ~5m far from the base.

I will add more picture to help you recognize the abandoned seabase.

Building The Moonpool

When we got the fragments (also, by the way you can found there power cell charger. it’s useful) we can get out from the Jelly Shroom Caves. to build the moonpool you need the following materials:

  • x4 Titanium Ingot.
  • x4 Lubricant.
  • x1 Advanced Wiring Kit.

Go to your seabase and place the moonpool using the Habitat builder. Make sure that there is enough space between the Moonpool and the ocean floor, because to get in there with your seamoth you need to come under it and go up.

That’s it! you are done. now enjoy from a safe place to your Seamoth or PRAWN Suit.

In the picture: docked Seamoth.

If you cant find the abandoned seabase

If you cant find the seabase on jelly shroom caves, just follow this steps.

  1. Go to red grass biome.
  2. find the big wreck.
  3. go into the hole near the wreck.
  4. go forward until you find the seabase.

That’s it. Don’t forget to take food and water, batteries and power cell to the seamoth. (and scanner) here is a picture of the entrance:

Good luck!

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